Throughout my internship at Seattle Met, I was tasked with creating layouts for various sections in the Summer 2022 issue of their publication. What follows are images of the layouts I made. You can view the PDF of the full magazine issue here.

Seattle Met Layout           
Spring/Summer 2022
Page Layout, Editorial Design

Starting off with Treeage, an article about tree equity sounding the Seattle Metro area. I wanted to create a big impact and draw attention to this article as it is an important issue with recent heatwaves in the PNW. I added an interaction for the viewer by placing the infographic and type vertically, forcing the viewer to rotate the magazine and focus their attention onto what they’re reading. The article can be read here on Seattle Met’s website. 

While working on this issue of Seattle Met, I was also tasked with designing the entire “Culture” section. You can read the first article, Jean Smart’s Long, Fascinating Road from Ballard to Hacks here.


This next article is a list of outdoor concerts and things to do in and around the Seattle area. Check out the digital version of the article here.


The 3rd article in the Culture section is A Day in the LIfe article focusing on a museum curator at the Seattle Art Museum. Read about it here.


The last article featured is a one page excerpt from a local Seattle author. In my other internship at Tin House Books, I had the pleasure of working with this author, so it was a plesant surprise to work on a familiar project at a new workplace. You can read about Kim Fu on Seattle Met’s website here.

I was also tasked with creating digital compositions for many online articles on a daily basis during my internship. You can view any of the credited images I made here.

Millimetre is a sans-serif font designed by Jérémy Landes
It is available for download at